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4 years ago

Hello everyone!

I`m a big fan of nail polish, however I`m not such a big fan of removing it as it can get a little messy. If you`ve tried gel polish, you would know that it`s not an easy (or quick) task to remove. A lot of times you`ll see something online that says that you should soak your nails in acetone for a few minutes and peel off the polish with an orange stick.

Being a mom, I don`t have all the time in the world to do this (especially on days when my two year old doesn`t feel like taking a nap). So when I found out about this product, I knew I had to try it out!

No Mess Express Gel Perfect Remover ($5.99 for 5 pads): Although this product is supposed to remove polish from the same brand, it can also be used to remove regular polish as well as UV cured gel polish. Pads come in a pouch to effectively remove polish where it is most needed and away from the skin. Not only does it gently remove your polish without any damage to your nail, it does so in just 2 short minutes!


- It effectively removes the nail polish completely in the time that is says without leaving much residue behind. I had to massage the nails a bit to completely remove it.

- The pouches are travel friendly so you can throw one in your bag or purse to remove your polish on the go.

- Pad is really moist so you don`t have to worry about having to re wet it with acetone.

- It is extremely easy to use. All you do is open the pouch, put your hands in with the nails facing the pad, massage the nails and voila! Polish is removed!


- The smell is really strong so if you`re sensitive to smells, you may want to use this product outdoors with a mask.

- I wish that there were more pads. I feel for the price, there should at least be 10 pads included (especially if you do gel manicures often.)

All in all, I rate this product a perfect 10! While I feel that there could be more pads included, it does as advertised and removed my polish quickly and effectively in under 2 minutes. If you`re in a pinch and don`t want to have to carry a bottle of acetone and cotton balls, this is the perfect product to pick up and throw in your bag.

Nutra nail products can be purchased at Rite Aid, Ulta and Meijer in October, Kmart, CVS/pharmacy and Walmart, Walgreens, HEB, Kerr and Shop Rite in November.

Thank you all for reading and if you have any questions, please post them below!

**Products were sent by PR for consideration. I am not being compensated by the company for this review. As always, all opinions are honest!**

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