No doping among the Portuguese

4 years ago

The analyzes carried out by doping ADOP the Portuguese athletes qualified for the Olympic Games Londres`2012 not revealed "absolutely nothing" and the head of the medical team of Portugal hopes that "nothing will happen."

"We have taken every care to avoid any cases of doping with Portuguese athletes," he said Artur Pereira de Castro, who relies on the deterrent effect of the monitoring conducted by the Anti-Doping Authority of Portugal (ADOP) and own the Olympic Committee of Portugal (COP .)

The clinician observes that doping is not controlled by the Olympic Committee, but by ADOP, stating that "there have been awareness-raising of all athletes in relation to doping and athletes have been checked periodically by ADOP."

Pereira de Castro, 58, has a curious sight on what is considered doping and makes the distinction between the simple use of illicit substances and so-called "psychological doping", which may even have surprising effects. "I am completely against doping, but I dopei athletes psychologically. There are athletes who are psychologically very weak and is easy to manipulate them," he said, drawing on extensive experience in sports such as football (at Sporting, Vitoria Setubal and CUF ) and the federations of cycling and handball.

In London, the physician performs their third Olympics, having been in Sydney`2000 Atenas`2004 and, having also made a short visit to the Pequim`2008, and appears to be quite pleased with what he found in the British capital . As in previous editions, the Olympic Village Londres`2012 has a clinic that provides its own support in various aspects, especially in diagnostic procedures and "for any emergencies that might happen."

"If there is an accident with an athlete will obviously be treated in the clinic [the Olympic Village], with our monitoring," he said, adding: "In addition, we we set up a clinic in our area [apartment] and athletes use it on to whatever they need. "

The clinical space of the Portuguese mission has "an `arsenal` of drugs that cover most needs of the most common and was mounted alongside a post physiotherapy with electrotherapy equipment, stretchers and ultrasound devices."

For those who need to recover from the efforts of competition and training area was also set up a massage and there is a "zone of cryotherapy," thinking of the athletes "compete on consecutive days and need a quick recovery for the next test" .

The professional staff consists of four doctors and five physical therapists, physical therapists and other three athletes who will follow the procedures that are farther away from the Olympic Village, cases of sailing - racing in Weymouth, 300 miles from London - rowing and canoeing.

The equipment was placed in a container sent by the COP to London. Pereira de Castro believes that "covered all the needs of the athletes` national and, for the most severe clinical cases, is also envisaged the use of" hospitals outside the Olympic Village provided by the International Olympic Committee called for the `Olympic family`. "

The head of the Medical Committee of the COP visited the polyclinic of the Olympic Village when he came to London and was pleased with what he saw. "They have everything they need. Even if we need some support in terms of physiotherapy, massage rooms have, they have everything here ... The clinic is very well equipped," he said.

A scenario quite different from that found in the Olympic Atenas`2004, when one month of the start of the competition asked to visit the facilities of the clinic and in reply received only "some plants" of the premises. "In Athens things were a bit complicated, but we needed to use their installations. These here [in London] are perfectly at the level of Sydney," he maintained.

Despite the good conditions found in the English capital, Pereira de Castro expected to have been to London "tourism" and that athletes will not even need your services. No doping among the Portuguese

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