Nivea Soft Moisturizing Creme!

5 years ago

I`ve been using this Nivea Soft Moisturizing Creme for a couple months now and figured I would share my opinion of it! I got this for free from CVS (using a combination of a deal they had going on and a coupon, but it`s normally only $0.99 anyway) and I`m very glad I decided to pick it up - it has quickly become one of my favorite products!

I use this mostly on my cuticles and around my nails where my skin gets a bit dry, particularly in the winter. It does an absolutely amazing job at restoring moisture to my skin and making my dry (and sometimes chapped, yikes!) skin look like new! Seriously! All I do is dip my finger into it and rub it into my cuticles and skin.

The consistency is pretty thick. It isn`t too liquid-y and actually keeps it shape in the small container. Now, it`s definitely not the thickest lotion/creme out there, but it`s not runny like a typical lotion is. It`s easy to apply and rubs in fairly easily and quickly. It`s not greasy, either, which is very nice. Basically, it`s a really great creme, lol! It even smells pleasant :)

Once I finish this, I will absolutely be repurchasing it, which is really saying something since I have so many lotions to go through and use up and I`m not really a lotion person to begin with, lol. It`s extremely inexpensive but works SO well!! I usually apply it while sitting in class, bored to death by my professor in my religious fiction class (sidenote: no one knew it was going to be religious fiction, lol. The class is actually called "The Genre of Literature" and the professor ended up making it about religious fiction texts, so we all showed up on the first day and were all very surprised, lol. But it`s very easy, even if it is very boring because of how the professor teaches it. Okay. End sidenote). Nivea also has their regular creme that comes in the blue tin of the same size (I got that, too, but gave it to my Mom since she really likes it), but I`m definitely glad I decided to give this a try, too. It`s great! I highly recommend it!

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