Nivea Lip Balm Review!!

5 years ago

Review Time!
I havent posted anything lately with my own pictures and I feel bad, like finals were over and I never got the chance to post something from my own pics! I wanted to wait until I actually finished a product and since this is ALMOST done might as well review!

First Impression:
- Very moisturizing ; When I first put this on my lips my reaction was like " why did I stop using this stuff? "
- Color was different ; so like after a week or so, I brought this to school and my friend was asking what I am putting on my lips, I said butter just to mess with her then my other friend said looks like cheese, color is just something not common
- Scent ; Its not like EOS it was a light scent but its not strong like EOS

- Cheap(-ish?), i got this for 1 dollar at the local grocery by my house but it had a 2 dollar off coupon so it came up 99cents. Other sell them cheaper
- More places to find, unlike EOS you can see them at a lot of drug stores
- Moisturizes LONGER than EOS - so some people have that feeing that EOS doesnt moisturize or its not enough, but Nivea`s lip balms are so moisturizing to me.
- Easier to moisturize my dry lips, when my lips get really dry one swipe of this all over my lips and rubbing them they get that moister with in 5 mins or so. With EOS it stretches my lips that make them worse when they will not get the moister if the EOS balm isnt a little melty.

- If in pocket to long, or warm spot or warm area the lip balm melts and its like a watery constancy on the lips and its making the lips a little dry
- Cap; its easy to have the top pop off and on, i play with it in class so if possible it could come off completely , but its not that big of an issue.

- Does a good job of moisturizing
- Packaging is sleeker than EOS egg shape ones
- Cheaper than EOS & Burt Bees
- Mostly available at any drug store


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