Nivea glamorous gloss pink sugar

Today I am going to review Nivea Glamorous Gloss in Pink Sugar.

Price : 139/- for 8.5ml

Company Claims :

Nivea care gloss and shine pink gives your lips ultra shiny finish.The high gloss formula of Nivea lip care glamorous gloss pink sugar gives a blush of pink and adds glamour and gloss to your lips. Ultra shine pigments give your lips a brilliant glow, while shea butter and vitamin E join forces to moisturise your lips, whether during the day or for that special night out.It beautifies your lips with stunning brilliance thanks to pink ultra shine pigments.Also delights your senses with an exotic fruity scent providing a long lasting care without sticky feeling.Contains SPF 15, which gives protection against UVA and UVB rays.

The innovative formula of Nivea glamorous gloss, with ultra shine pigments and exotic scents, brings dazzling shine to your lips and provide long lasting moisturization and care.

What it does?

Dazzling lips with stunning brilliance thanks to ultra shine pigments.

Delights your senses with exotic scents.

Contains SPF 15 to help protect against UVA and UVB rays.

Result: Soft moisturized lips with a dazzling shine. My Experience :

After having very good experience with the whole range of Nivea Fruit and Shine lip balms. I bought Nivea
Glamorous Gloss in Pink Sugar. I actually bought it as my Bhabi recommended it and indeed its a very good product.
However, after reading my review you can decide it by yourself, isnt it?Nivea Glamorous Gloss comes in a sleek pink tube with a transparent screw cap. The design on the package looks too
cute and attractive! It has got a slant applicator nozzle and the amount of the product required can be squeezed out
from the tube. It is completely hygienic. On squeezing you will find that the gloss is in creamy consistency and not
runny, like other lip glosses. The gloss is somewhat peachy in color with pink undertones. It has got very fine silver
shimmer in it which can only be observed by examining closely while squeezing it out of the tube but on lips, its quite difficult to identify them. The fragrance is somewhat like of the bubblegum which lingers on for sometime and then slowly fades away. I am not quite fond of this fragrance.

On application, you will find that it glides on smoothly and your lips get moisturized immediately. Its because of the
presence of Shea butter and Vitamin E (as mentioned by the company). It has also got SPF15 which means your lips
stay protected even if you step out during day time. Well, as a matter of fact - all Nivea lip balms contain SPF15 and
that adds a beneficial factor to its products. It is quite non-sticky and my lips appear fuller when I apply it on my
lips. Its a sheer gloss and generally, I apply it above my super matte lipsticks and lip tints. I cannot apply it alone as it
doesnt show up well on pigmented lips. This gloss is neither too heavy nor too light on my lips, its somewhat in between which is ok for me.

It lasts for about 2 hours with mild snacks in between and after a heavy meal; it completely disappears from the lips. If you drink water or any liquid stuff, this doesnt come off from your lips. Though it doesnt completely come off from your lips, the glossy shine comes off easily. And once the glossy shine goes, you may feel a bit sticky. But if you dont eat or drink anything, then it lasst well for straight 2 hours which is a good deal for this price. The quantity that this tube offers i.e. 8.5ml lasts for a long time, atleast for me! Its quite cost effective.Pros of the Product :

It is reasonably priced.
One tube lasts for a long time.
It has got very fine silver shimmer particles.
It moisturizes your lips very well and its because of the presence of Shea Butter and Vitamin E in it.
It has got SPF15 in it.
It is non-sticky.
It stays on for about 2 hours at a stretch with mild snacks in between.
It makes lips appear fuller though actually it doesnt contain any ingredient which would enhance your lips Cons of the Product :

It doesnt show up well on pigmented lips but shows beautifully on non-pigmented lips.
If the glossy appearance goes away due to intake of any kind of fluids or when it comes in contact with water.
If excess amount gets applied, it tends to cast a whitish cast on your lips which looks quite ugly.Apart from these, i feel this is a great lip gloss I would recommend this to everyone!

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