Nivea Daily Essentials Facial Cleansing Wipes!

4 years ago

OH MY GOSH! another rave! love this. seriously guys. i have been looking at this for months, and i finally decided to buy them a month ago! THEY ARE MY HEAVEN.

seriously. they helped sooo much! Ever since I hit puberty, I have been dealing with pimples and breakouts on my nose, and t-zone (a.k.a forehead).

So I decided to do something about it because scars stay forever, so I started growing out my side swept fringe. That helped a bit, but im still growing it, and seriously when i started using these wipes, THEY WERE AMAZING!

The "oil-free" liquid makeup removers SUCKED they said oil free but really, you can only use oil as a liquid makeup remover. I even tried baby oil! worked, but was still oil! hahah

Now, my skin is SOO much clearer! And on the plus side, they are cheap, last a long time, don`t dry up, don`t clog up our pores, anddd they are double action as they REALLY do cleanse and moisturize ur face!

All I do is use the wipes to take of my makeup, I can use one of htem for my whole face! And then I rinse with water, and If i was wearing a lot of makeup, I would clean my face! BAM!

oh, and btw, I have an oily-combination skin type :) they also sell one for sensitive skin! perfecto! My skin didn`t go through a purging phase at all, just that I would recommend the first time you use it, dampen your face a bit :)

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