Nissan and Intel preparing future car

Driving is a pleasure for many and for me is when I have cruise control and automatic changes. Better than that only one driver or a car independently.

But the partnership Nissan / Intel is bringing innovations to market, with the intention of transforming a simple road trip in a time of entertainment, assist the driver on the trip or even inform the driver when this is absent from the car.

The partnership aims to include Intel processors in Nissan cars to equip them with electronics capable of performing multiple tasks in simultâno to manage the car and such navigate with GPS; and still provide entertainment for passengers.

Not exactly a new concept, as there are already cars with integrated GPS, electronic displays for the management of the car, video for rear passengers and a huge array of options.

The novelty lies exactly in the partnership and joint development of integrated solutions for the highest range of vehicles, to ensure that everything is optimized for the consumer: integration with communication systems (smartphones, tablets and the like), surveillance of the car display state of the car (fuel, km, etc.).. All this in one package, and factory coming soon becomes cheaper and more convenient.

An interesting example: if the car while taking a blow went shopping, we can immediately receive an MMS with the photo of the car at fault. There should be a few there to raise their hand to say: "I want one of those."

Unfortunately the partnership there should only bring news for 2015, but I candidate me now if anyone wants to ride passengers to Lisbon :)

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