Nintendo Wii U, Will You Buy IT?

4 years ago

Heeeeeyy to all my Luuxerrs out there. i just wanted to do a opinionated Blog real fast, and i would love to all get your responses as well , your thoughts and views on the New Upcoming Wii U by Nintendo that will be coming out this year in 2 MOnths, November!!! Are you Excited?? IM NOT! and Why? because im not really a nintendo fan any more. the wii was great for a while, but then it really bored me, and so did the other consoles that nintendo came out with before the wii, so i dont think that the Wii U will interest me in any type of way. Also i feel like they dont carry a lot of variety of games for the Nintendo consoles. maybe if they did, maybe that would make me interested in it a little bit. thats why i love the XBOX 360, because everything about it is engaging, fun, exciting, you can do so much with it, the large variety of games that they have for the XBOX are amazing and fun. but i guess we`ll see what the Wii U will bring to the table when it comes out in november. Thanks guys. Let Me know your thoughts!!

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