Nintendo 64: Old School Gaming!

4 years ago

Hey everyone,

I have wonderful childhood memories of playing with the Nintendo 64 gaming system. I used to play for hours, and it was so much fun to play against other people etc. I could get very competitive! Do you know that state of mind you get into while gaming, where you think moving closer to the screen or pushing the buttons harder will allow you to move faster and hit harder? Yeah, that was definitely me. In racing games, when I turned my player around a corner, I would lean to the side too! If you did this as well, let me know!

I loved the Nintendo 64 and while I have a Wii right now, I was missing my N64 a lot. I was pretty sad when I discovered we donated it a long time ago. I wanted to play again so badly! I adore the controllers with this console, and I miss the old school games. So with a lot of effort and a considerable amount of money, I managed to find a console and my two favourite games! I felt like I was a kid again playing, the best feeling ever!

The two games I got are:

1.) <b><strong>Supersmash Bros</strong></b>: An awesome fighting game (in my opinion, and yes I`m biased) which allows you to choose characters like Yoshi, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Link and more. It can be multiplayer as well as single player. My favourite is playing with other people, just so I can beat them!

2.) <b><strong>Mario Kart 64</strong></b>: A total classic. It`s a racing game featuring characters like Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, Browser, Yoshi and more. Again it`s both multiplayer, and single player. There are many tracks to choose from, and cups you can win!

I`ve only ever gamed on the Nintendo 64 and the Wii, can you believe it?

<b><strong>Let me know what your favourite gaming consoles are and what your favourite games to play are!</strong></b>

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