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4 years ago

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Now HERE`S blast from the past for all you luuuxers. The Nintendo 64! The last console system to play cartridges, it literally pushed the cartridge abilities to its limit. This was the gaming system of my teenage years (showing my age again!). I literally spent hours upon hours playing this in one sitting. I still have my Nintendo 64 even today and still play it every so often. I even bought the expansion pack for it. I played this so much I wore out 3 controllers! I have so many of the famous games for it. Mario 64, James Bond Golden eye, Star Wars Racer, Star Wars Rouge Squadron, Zelda Ocarina of time, and several more. But my personal favorite was Star Wars Shadows of the Empire. I can`t tell you how many times I`ve beaten that game. With that crazy nearly impossible cheat code it made all the more fun. I got the Limited Edition Star Wars Racer version as a Christmas gift from my parents and both my Brother and I loved it.

So I`m wondering, who had one when they were younger? Who loved it as much as I did, and who still has theirs?

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