Nintendo 3ds

5 years ago

Hello luuuxers im making this post to talk about the Nintendo 3DS.
Nintendo 3ds is a really good device because you can play 3D games without glasses.
The 3d on the Nintendo 3DS can be shuted down and you can play on the normal mode.

The Nintendo 3DS haves a analogic button like the psp one and its the first Nintendo having it.
One bad thing on this Nintendo is that it might hurt your eyes when you play for a wille.
When you fell that your eyes are hurting just shut the Nintendo down.
One awesome thing is the two cameras on it, and that`s awesome to take pictures with your friends.
The Nintendo is kind of cheap now...i dont know why but it might be because it hearts the eyes...but that`s what i think...


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Do you have a Nintendo 3DS?
Does it hurts the eyes when playing on 3d?

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