Ninja Japanese Buffet

More is better! That should be the mantra of these all-you-can-eat establishments that are cropping up everywhere to meet the cravings of an increasingly hungry public. However, the mantra should be modified to state "More is better when affordable, especially if you have young mouths to feed."

Ninja Japanese Buffet is the latest version of a concept started with Heiden Chicken when that establishment added Japanese sushi and other popular items like tempura and yakisoba in an all-you-can-eat buffet format. Ninja Japanese Buffet is open for lunch ($11.95) and dinner ($14.95). Beverages are not included and you can order beer and wine in addition to tea and soft drinks. One of the saving graces of Ninja Japanese Buffet is their salad bar, which directly competes with the one across the street at Corridos.
Ninja`s owners have made a significant investment into this restaurant, completely transforming what used to be a dim, somewhat dilapidated dining room into a vibrant, bright, and festive place with Japanese warrior themed decor. It is family friendly and kids like the interactive dining concept, where you roam around picking and choosing your favorite foods.

The mass-produced sushi selection features a variety of sushi types, including traditional nigiri, along with American-style rolls with tempura shrimp inside with sauces and more tobiko (flying fish roe) than you can count studded all around the outside.

The price is right when you add fried chicken, tempura, fried basa filet, and pork cutlet plus udon noodles and miso soup. Ninja Japanese Buffet is the equalizer by putting previously costly Japanese food favorites in a mass volume setting for a low-set price. They should have a byline that reads "sushi for the common man"! Frankly, you can eat an entire meal here for the price you`d pay for Sushi Ebisu`s Alaska Roll! Then again, there are those discriminating people who will pay the price for the absolutely fresh and top quality food item. In this current economic climate, it`s the quantity that draws the crowds and masses. Ninja Japanese Buffet should do

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