Ninja Gaiden III! Zowey!

4 years ago

-Whoa yea! Ninja Gay den Everybody! Zowie! Mowie! Kaplowie! its Ninja Pay then! Whoa you sure gotta love them ninjas, i mean with their swords.... and their sharpy throwy stars and the way they..... Crawl on walls? Wha WHAT DUH FAQ! Well lets get started, today I`ll be reviewing a little NES game by the name of(heh) Ninja Gaiden III... Yea... bet you didn`t see that coming....

-The game was developed and Released by Tecmo in 1991. As you can probably already guess from the title it is the third and final game of the classic series. Though it is the third game the events from the game take place in between the plot lines of the first two games.

-The story begins with our ninja hero(Ryu) being framed for the murder of Irene Lu. Yea! you go Ryu! Prove you didn`t do it! Hit`em with a super Hadouken!.. what!?... That`s not Ryu from street Fighter?.. THEN WHY THE HELL I`M PLAYING THIS FRUSTRATING GAME! WHAT THE FU! Now the plot line to this game isn`t what i would consider one of its strong points. Its no great work of fiction by any means and it does get absolutely absurd at some points, but hey you don`t play Ninja Gaiden for its story lines right. Well I would hope not.

-Ninja Gaiden III operates very similarly to the other two games in the series and that is a good thing. The game is still all about Kick ass ninja action, platforming, wall jumping and glorious boss fights. That`s not to say that part III doesn`t bring a few new feature to the table though. Like the new ability to hang on to and grab ledges which makes the platforming even more fun and fluid than the other two games, which is saying a lot since the series up until this point was very well known for its excellent control an platforming mechanics. In addition to the new climbing Mechanic Ryu can also power up his default attack with sword upgrade items. This goes a long way to help you pick up the pace when your quickly trying to get from one end of the stage to the other. Speaking of the stages there are seven total levels in Ninja Gaiden III and each one is divided into multiple sections. You`ll be taken to all kinds of different backdrops from icy caverns to even the wings of an airship in mid flight. Each level is pretty long and varied and the game does a great job of never making you feel like your repeating the same areas over and over again. Graphically Ninja Gaiden III is the best looking of the original three. The art and stage design in this game is superb with all kinds of amazing detail and background effects throughout. oh and it definitely wouldn`t be a Ninja Gaiden game without its cool trademark cut scenes that Tecmo made so famous. You`ll be checking out your story progression in between each stage via some great looking anime style storytelling.

-Funfact:The Japanese version of the game utilizes unlimited continues just like the first two games and a password system. Both of those features were removed from the U.S version of the game in order to intentionally make it harder. On top of that Ryu also take twice the amount of damage from the enemies in the U.S version, Making it a much more frustrating game to play through, though still enjoyable with some practice.

-The sound and music from the game is even better than that of the original two games. the soundtrack is super memorable and the sound effects are crisp and clear. You`ll even notice that there`s a little voice added in for good measure too with Ryu yelling "Heyah!" when attacking, definitely a cool touch and helps give the game a bit more personality.

-Overall Ninja Gaiden III is an amazing game in just about every way. Its got killer game play, amazing graphics and sound and it manages to be challenging yet rewarding at the same time. Bottom Line is i love this game and you should too. Definitely check this game out on your free time. This has been an Ace review, Thanks for reading.
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