Ninja Blender+Strawberry Banana ice cream smoothie

© 100% photo & recipe credit belongs to me. Recipe 1 frozen banana 2 cups of milk 5~10 spoonful strawberry icecream 2 ice cubes 1 coconut milk ice cube (optional) Put all the ingredients inside and blend till everything break down. Review I made alot of research on which blender should I buy [best for my budget and useful] If anyone of you are thinking of ordering a blender, I definitely recommend this one. Do some research and reviews about it on youtube. I am so happy that I got this, this is a BIG time saver. I love to cook but I HATE chopping. I can use this to breezily chop up all my stuff and just cook! I love LOVE my new TOY!! Pros: very fast accurate small portions chops just push a few times does what claims + snowy ice consistent chopping extremely easy-to-clean easy to store (chopping onions, i dont need to cry anymore!) SAVES SO MUCH TIME. Cons: little loud.. well not rly because I use pulse few times and i`m finish. cannot blend a long period of time.. Like 3 mins, i wouldn`t want to try. lol I love using this to make salsa & guacamole! FAV<3 recipe soon! I had my eyes on these all week already and I was searching which website have the best deal. I saw Kohls had the best deal because they had the 10% off and 2% cash back from (ebates) What is Ebates? To make it simple, it is an online shopping site that allows their customers to shop from major retailers, like Victoria secret, sephora, walmart, bath&body works, ect.. Customers can earn some cash back on their purchases like I just ordered $50 from Sephora and they`re having 8% cash back, I`ll save $4 from it. (Only if you shop through their link) I`ve received over $88 cash back on all my purchases through a check& you get $10 gift card just to start, So then I finally ordered off for around $39.99 + 10% off discount so it was around $38.xx w. tax after. (few hours later after I paid) It was around 12:05 am when I checked and this Ninja blender shows up!! I was SO MAD at myself because it was on sale for $20! I was like.. are you kidding me? Is this a joke?? Why didn`t I wait for next day? Oh because that cheap 10% discount was last day when I order. I bought it anyway, lol. I`m planning on returning the first one back to Kohls soon. BebeSally Kindly; comment, rate, add, & follow.

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