Nine West Warehouse Sale

5 years ago

NineWest Warehouse Sale

I little while back, I went to a Nine West Warehouse sale.
Every couple of months, they hold this sale in Toronto to try and clear damaged inventory and make room for new stock. They have all sorts of wallets and purses and bags for no more than 20 dollars.

Each item has a coloured sticker where the colour corresponds to a certain price which means everything at the sale is either, $5, $10, $15 or $20.

The problem with a lot of these bags is that a lot of them have slits along the bottom. Im not sure why so many of they have these slits, but most of the time it isnt too obvious so as long as you are willing to accept the fact that they are damaged you can score some great deals. If you are lucky, and dig for long enough, you can sometimes find some stuff with no holes like I did.

I ended up grabbing a purple and yellow make up case that had no slits for only 5 dollars.

I also grabbed a cute white and grey wallet with a flower design for $5 but unfortunately, it was the last one and does have a slit along the bottom, but luckily it is right along the area where the wallet bends, so its not too obvious.

I was also on the hunt for a new, cute laptop case since my old one is really big and bulky (and not particularly stylish :P). As soon as I saw this yellow purse, I thought it was perfect, and though it does have a slit along the bottom, I couldnt resist the bright yellow colour for $15

Lastly, I spotted this floral multi coloured purse that is perfect for my older cousin. She tends to get me gifts all the time, and I knew she would love this one! Unfortunately, it had a slit along the bottom, but after rummaging around I was able to find one without a slit. It has a very faint scratch along the bottom, but you have to really pay attention to see it and other than that, it was perfect so I was glad I was able to get that for her too. It was only 10 dollars.

I really enjoy all the stuff I got. I have heard that sometimes, Nine West holds these same sales where the items dont have holes in them, so Im hoping I can go back and get some undamaged stuff for the same great prices :P

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