Nike+ Sports Band

4 years ago

Do you ever go on a run and wish you knew exactly how far you have gone or how far your have traveled so far during your run? Well thankfully Nike has released this nifty little gadget called the
Nike+ Running Sport band which is specifically designed to track the progress of your training session. It looks like a watch and is wore like a watch but this does so many interesting things such as tracking the time you have ran, the distance travelled, the pace of your run and of course the most impressive and craved function for me is that it keeps a count of how many calories you have burnt so far on your run.

Now normally I am not that interested by these products but I have to say I am hugely impressed by all the functions on this cheap little device. Whats more it comes in so many colours so that everyone can make it a little more personal or if a few people in the one house own them, they will be able to tell them apart way easier thanks to all the colours available. My favourite is the red version as I love anything red! The yellow one is perfect for the summer though.

What do you think of these kinda gadgets? Are they really worth the money in your opinion or are they a waste of time?

I forgot to mention that this one is available on the nike website for 55 euros and they ship to loads of countries I believe.

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