Nike fuel band in canada finally?

4 years ago

Let me tell you the story of my day today. I woke up, showered and had some time with my family and i was going to go find my boyfriend but I couldn`t when I got back into the city for personal reasons so I went around places and wanted to get a few things done. So I ended up at Richmond center since I wanted to go to the Apple story to get another pair of headphones for my iPhone since my original one went into the washer twice and the dryer once so the wires are curlier then Arby`s curly friends.
And another annoying thing with my washed and dried headphones is that when I plug them in after I start calling, there would be this really loud static which really bothers me since I can`t really hear the otehr person talking. And plus I always somehow forget it somewhere and lose it for a few days and then find it again. I was pretty sick of this cycle so I went the apple store JUST to get a new pair of earphones. Little did I know they actually discontinued the old school style and only sold the new weird looking pod. So i was just looking around, looking at the other wall of accessories and getting sidetrack with the cool tech stuff they had.
And happened.

I really wanted a Nike fuel band back when it first came out, but of course it wasn`t selling in Canada, only in the states during that time. So when I unexpectly looked up and saw a whole wall of these, I was amazed and happy. Now I really didn`t want to spend anything before Imats since I was really gonna spend a lot at Imats but i was like NOOOOOOO I MUST HAVE YOU ON MY WRIST! So I bought it :/. Hey at least the price is the same from the states which is really rare ($149.95 CAD). I went home and I actually looked at where you can buy them and a lot of places sell them now in canada (well back in October 2012 but I was unaware of that).

For you students out there in Canada that has SPC (student price card; student exclusive discounts), they sell it at sport check too so you could get a 10% off :). Better then nothing!

These come in a sleek box but I`m not really liking how unsecure it is. The black cardboard is just a slip. Out comes a sleek white box but the only thing that seals it is a small sliver sticker :/. I mean I don`t think people would really open them like they would open make up products at the drugstore, but still.

You can`t really see the nike logo, but its there :). I promise~

Opened up. On the left is the usb cord and the adjuster. The right side is the actual band.

I was quite surprised when I opened the box and there wasn`t a stand. I looked at a lot of other reviews and videos and everyone else had a stand. Where is my stand! I was about to rip the left side of the box since I thought it would be hidden or something but it wasn`t. I actually even drove all the way back to the apple store 20 minutes before they closed and all the guy same was "the new ones don`t have the stand but you can just contact Nike and they will send you one." I drove like a crazy women for 15 minutes jus to catch you guys before you closed because I wanted to use my nike fuel band today! >_< should have just called and saved some gas LOL.

So what this band does is essentially making your daily life like a game. When you register online when you start up your band, you enter all the general information about yourself so it would be personalized. Then you can either choose if you are just a normal person that does no excerise but walking around town, decent amount of excerise and pro athletes and also how much calories you want to burn that day. So during your day, it would measure how many steps you have walked during the day, how much calories burned and nike`s way to calculate how active you are. Basically this band for me would make me feel like a fat ass and would actually make me walk the distance to get my goal of the day. :)

I can`t review this for you guys since this is a lot more like a story telling and open boxing post but if I`m not feeling this after 12 days, this is going back to the store. $_$ Lots of money, lets hope this is worth it.

Have you guys seen this before? Have you tried this before? Is there other products like this?

*All pictures are mine*

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