Niecy`s Gold Star

4 years ago

In the swarm of darker colored polishes that I have been wearing for a few months, I suddenly got the urge to wear something brighter. I didn`t shy away, at all, as you can see. I went for something rather bright and bold in the middle of January. I chose two polishes instead of going with a design. I first selected Julep Niecy. I didn`t just stop there, though. I, then, selected e.l.f. Gold Star. I hadn`t used any of my new e.l.f. polishes and wanted to try one of them out. I figured the gold glitters would look amazing over the hot pink. First, I applied 1 thin coat of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails. Then, I swiped on two coats of Julep Niecy. That was followed by one coat of e.l.f. Gold Star. Finally, I brushed on a single coat of Seche Vite. I found that while I enjoy both of these polishes, and even more so when they are combined together, they didn`t brush on as easy as one would hope. Niecy was fantastic on the first coat. But, by the second coat the polish was starting to get somewhat thick on the brush. It seems that it dries up fast...faster than I`d like. It is one thing for the polish to dry once on the nail, but I don`t like having to shake up my polish to thin it back down before moving to the second coat. This makes me think that I will have to add thinner to the bottle sooner than I`d like. As for Gold Star, it also became gloopy. I finished one hand, and when I moved to the second, the clear base of the polish was getting sticky. Instead of depositing a sheer splattering of glitter, they were clumping together in patches. Again, this will likely be another polish that I have to thin out to keep the consistency that I enjoy. The consistency isn`t a huge issue, but something I felt I should mention all the same.
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