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5 years ago

I remember Nicole Scherzinger from The PCD some years ago when they first performed at MTV EMA that took place here in Portugal. That was a long time ago and recently they all went their separate ways and Nicole dedicated herself to her solo career and recently i saw the video for her song "Right There" with 50cent and I noticed that she still looks good.
For some reason, to me she reminds me of fitness lol thats why i consider her to be one of the fittest singers. From her performances and energetic dance routines, you can tell that she works out and makes healthy choices in terms of diet.

I did some research and it seems that to maintain her body and fitness level, she makes the best choices she cans with food, trying to go for lean meat or fish, having food like salmon and boiled eggs ( just to name two) but most important, she doesn`t skip meals which is a mistake that a lot of people do.
In terms of working out,she does have her routines with a personal trainer in addition to dance rehearsals and performances. Also, she was in Dancing With The Stars, which is also famous for making the stars slim down due to the amount of hours they train during the show and she certainly burned a lot of them. Adding to this, she jogs for cardio and does lower body workouts.

Hope this "guide"/tips from her can be any help. She apparently got it covered, but not everybody has acess to personal trainer or some resources that celebrities have but i think all of this that she does is very accessible(the food choices, the cardio workouts) and its doesn`t require much money or time to put in practice. Its definitely showing results for her.

<strong>What do you think of Nicole Scherzinger and her fitness habits? Do you also see her as one of the fittest singers?</strong>

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