Nicki Minaj Stupid Hoe Music Video

5 years ago

Nicki Minaj`s new song Stupid Hoe is soo good!!
(well the beat is but her rapping scares me a bit with all those curse/ bad words that she uses, but I still like her for some reason. She`s like the new Lady Gaga of rap) I was looking around online and saw a few pictures from the new music video.

The photos that I saw.. well I`m not sure how to say thing but to say that It`s interesting... Apparently Nicki got her inspiration from Bratz dolls she said in a recently interview.
I think it looks different. I`m not sure if the Bratz dolls are what exactly comes to my mind when I see these pictures. I am seeing some similarities as far as the flawless makeup and the big eyes, but nothing else much. The bright eyeshadow is sort of dollsy, but I don`t understand the whole part where she is dressed up as an animal... I don`t think the Bratz had any animals like that in it. In my opinion, I don`t think the video will match her song that well and I personally don`t think I will like the video very much because right now it looks kinda fake and scary.

I`ll have to see the whole video before I judge fully though since I do like her.

What do you guys think of these pics?
Do they scare you are make you excited?

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