Nicki Minaj Caught on Video Cussin` Out Mariah Carey

4 years ago

HEEEEYY i want to blog about the New Caught on Tape Video of the Beef between Nicki Minaj, and Mariah Carey during the Americal Idol Auditions for the New Season, that was also taped by the one and only TMZ. and of course IT WOULD BE TMZ, i dont know how they catch the most unexpected things but some how they do lol. but the beef btw mariah and Nicki is so sudden to me. first and for most im lost on how it started and what its about. some say that the beef started because Nicki felt like Mariah Carey kept interupting her when it was her time to give her judgement. number 1, i also thought they were cool, and that they were friends. thats why im totally lost on how all of a sudden Nicki has a problem with Mariah. it was said that the public believes that the caught on tape argument between nicki and mariah was just stage, and for show so that the new American Idol Season can get excellent ratings this season because they`ve been topped by the other show called "The Voice", and that was something that i never knew. but the argument didnt look like something planned to me. and looking at the past years i never really heard of any one having beef with Mariah Carey at all. so WHY Nicki! maybe Nicki is the imature one, because it didnt have to go to that level. but thats just my thoughts on it. What about you guys? what are your thoughts?? do you all think that this was REAL or FAKE/STAGED?


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