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3 years ago

Nicki Minaj-[Before-gtANDlt-After]

So i was reading apost 2day and some girl commented on nicki`s body and how her body looked perfect and how she had a grate body..well sorry yall who think that she had alot of work done sweety so she aint perfect.. lol
shes had Butt injections,Brest Implants,and a nose job!
-no wonder she call her self a barbie shes plastic just like one-
**Now dont get me wrong I like Nicki and evry thing i think shes got mad skills but rlly she looked just fine before her surgery.**>[But whatever]<lol


Source link: http://globalgrind.com/channel/culture/content/1670454/nicki-minaj-sexy-in-the-kitchen-presurgery-photos/