Nicki Minaj a Republican?

Nicki Minaj a republican? Does that sound right to anyone? Well apparently it sounded right over the "Mercy" beat on Lil Waynes Mixtape, Dedication 4. Where Nicki says the line "I`m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney/ You lazy bitches is fucking up the economy," Well then.

It seems odd that a woman who is an advocate for the LGBT community and has shown support for Barack in the past would say that she is voting for Romney, who doesn`t have a care for the gay community.

Some say it was just a play on words or because it was to show the ridiculousness of her saying that she would ever support republicans. I hope Nicki is just using it for play and not actually stating her political preferences. I mean, It won`t change my opinion of her any less but seeing as how most urban groups are of the Democratic side and listen to Nicki, she just might have lost some fans and revenue.

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