Nice Italian bread :)

4 years ago

(This recipe is from my own words, but not the picture)
Okay, so I made some Italian bread scrolls earlier this week, and they were per-fect-tion. They are worth the time it takes to make them. Okay, now the recipe: (Preheat the oven first) It`s very simple, you need to know how to make bread first, so make a dough out of strong white flour, salt, yeast, warm water (not too hot, otherwise you`ll kill the yeast ): ) And put that all in a bowl and mix :D add the warm water bit by bit, then you take the dough out of the bowl, lay it on a floured work-surface, and knead! Until it isn`t too dry nor sticky :) put it back in the bowl, cover with cling film, or a plate and put it to rise in a warm place such as the grill (on top of the oven, since the heat from the preheated oven will rise to the grill so it will be quite warm BUT only the oven should be on, not the grill) Do that for about half an hour or longer, than take it out on the worksurface and roll it out to a rectangle :) Put any sauces and fillings you like, then roll it up to a long tube shape and cut it up to make small scrolls (snail shell shape) Put them in the oven, and ENJOY :)

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