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4 years ago

my friend wanted to have a birthday lunch in venice today, and after lunch we wanted a cold dessert since it was such a hot day. i went on yelp and found an ice cream & gelato place called n`ice cream. +1 for an awesome name!

they had a decent selection of gelato. i could tell just from watching the girl scoop the gelato out that it was a lot creamier than gelato i`ve had in the past. it glided right out of the container!

the flavor i immediately knew i wanted to get was the mocha chip. are you kidding me?? that`s right up my alley! i had to get it. one scoop is $4, and each additional scoop is only $1. i felt like i might as well get two scoops even though i wasn`t feeling up to it after a pretty big lunch since we did actually eat lunch fairly late and it was already around 2:30 when we went to get gelato.

i was intrigued by the stracciatella because of its name and asked the employee what it was. she said it was just the gelato form of chocolate chip! quite a fancy name for something so simple. i decided to get this for my second scoop.

i didn`t end up being a huge fan of the stracciatella. the vanilla part of it wasn`t very good. i LOVED the mocha chip though, and if i`m ever near another n`ice cream, i`ll definitely get it again. (they have several locations in LA/socal.)

one final note: i noted how creamy it was... well, i think that might be because they don`t keep their cases as cold as a lot of ice cream places do! the gelato melted a lot faster than gelato/ice cream i`ve had in the past, and it turned into liquid within 10 minutes. the hot weather played a part, but i`m pretty sure that not storing the gelato at cold enough of a temperature to begin with played a bigger part in this. i didn`t end up being able to actually eat both scoops because they had melted a lot by the end sadly :(

do you looooove ice cream on a hot day like i do? :)

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