NHL Lockout

4 years ago

Normally, in the case of a lockout, I side with the athletes, the guys who are putting their bodies on the line to make the owners their money. But in the case of the NHL lockout, I am kind of in the middle. It all comes down to this for the owners and players involved: they MUST get this deal done or hockey is going to be ancient history by 2013.

After the last lockout, preceding the 2004-2005 season, they NHL lost a ton of support that season, and from 2006-2008, hockey looked like it might soon be obsolete. However, with some marketable young stars and some twists of luck, they were able to turn it around and hockey is just now reaching the levels of interest that it had in 2004 and prior. And now, they face the same problem. They need to come to an agreement in a hurry to save North American hockey.

The big issue, much like the NBAs lockout a year ago, comes down to the revenue that the players receive. Last year, the total revenue was $3.3 billion, and the players get 57% of

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