NHL 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs

5 years ago

The NHL regular season is over and on April 11th the real fun begins.

The regular season flew by & honestly I am a little sad hockey season is almost over. I don`t know what I will do with my nights when hockey is over then again I feel the same way every year & manage to find something.

I am not joking when I say I am obsessed with hockey. I watch most games in the NHL (Caps & Kings I watch every single game but I watch KHL & AHL games as well when I can) Having center ice & a dvr helps out a lot since Center Ice replays the games 4 times sometimes more. So I watch a TON of hockey...I go to several games...I go to many many many NHL practices (for the Washington Capitals) & I attend rookie camps & training camps. Yes I am fully aware how addicted I am to the sport...not just at the NHL level but the KHL & AHL as well. My friends have told me more then once jokingly that I need to go to rehab for my hockey addiction but they know that`s not happening I will never give it up. :)

Yes I actually watch the sport I don`t like anyone to call or text me during games UNLESS they are also watching the same game because I am not like many people I WATCH I am not painting my nails or doing homework or cooking dinner all my concentration is on the game.:)

Anyway back to the point of this post after rambling. The NHL playoffs are here and my 2 favorite teams are in. So I will just give a quick run down of who I will be cheering for in each round.

Let`s start with the East:

Rangers vs Senators: I HATE the Rangers so I am of course cheering for the Senators.

Bruins vs Capitals: I am the biggest Caps fan ever so of course I am going with the Capitals...plus I hate the Bruins. lol

Panthers vs Devils: While I have a tremendous love for Jose Theodore & Flash I will not cheer for the team that won the SE over my Caps not happening so I say Go Devils :)

Penguins vs Flyers: OMG I hate the Penguins with a fiery passion. Hate doesn`t even cover for what I feel for that team...Torts pretty much summed it up in on of his recent interviews lol. I am no Flyer fan either but I like them way more then the Pens plus they have Jagr & I love Jagr. :) So I am cheering for the Flyers.

Now on to the West:

Canucks vs Kings: Kings are my #2 team in the NHL & my #1 team in the West so going with the Kings. Plus Canucks are prob my 2nd most hated team in the NHL after the Pens.

Blues vs Sharks: I am going to cheer for the Blues because I hate the Sharks more lol. But I am not really a fan of either team.

Coyotes vs Blackhawks : I am going to be cheering for the Blackhawks mainly because I am a big Patrick Kane fan.

Predators vs Red Wings: This is the only series I go back & forth on. I like both teams & it is a shame 1 will be out in the 1st round. I haven`t decided who I am cheering for in this round yet. Prob will cheer for both and just hope the refs don`t screw either team over & it;s just a good series.

As you can see I go with my heart/feelings not what the odds/stats say in most cases. I am really hoping there isn`t a lot of refs deciding what happens this year because last year was brutal neither the Bruins nor the Canucks belonged in the finals.

Who are you cheering for? Do you even watch hockey? Did your favorite team make the playoffs this year?

Note: The image is a screen capture from the NHL you can find the link listed as my source.

Source link: http://www.nhl.com/ice/stanleycup.htm

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