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3 years ago

Hiya beauties!
Today I bring you a food`s recipe. :) I will call to this recipes `Nham Nham Time`.

So today, I will present you `Francesinha`. Francesinha is a Portuguese food very easy to do and is nhaaaaam delicious. :) Very famous is my country, Francesinha is originally from Portugal North.

So, let`s goo:
Francesinha (this following recipe is for 2 persons)

6 bread`s slices (loaf type)
2 thin cow beef/steak temperate with salt and pepper
2 sauces
10 cheese`s slices
4 ham`s slices
4 salami slices
2 chopped onions
3 chopped garlic clove
50g de margarine
1 bay leaf
4 tablespoons of tomato sauce
2 dl of white wine
0,5 l of beer
2 dl of broth (bouillon cube mixed with water)
0,5 dl of Port Wine
0,5 dl de brandy
* (the measures are in liters)

And that`s all. I believe you will have some difficulty to find some of that ingredients, but use your creativity. :)

How to do it:

First step (the sauce) : On a pan, put 2/3 of margarine, onions, garlic, and bay leaf.
When the onion turn golden, put the tomato sauce and the white wine.
Then add the beer and let it cook in low heat for 15 min.

Second Step: After 15 min, add the broth.
When it starts to boil, remove the bay leaf. Then use the mixer.

Third Step: Again on the heat, add the brandy and the Port wine. Temperate with piri-piri and let it cook for 2 min. Next, turn off the heat.

Fourth Step: On a skillet, heat the rest of margarine and put the beefs and the sauces to fry.
After of fried, cut the sauces in 4 pieces.

Fifth Step: On a plate (especial for oven), put a bread slice and then add the ingredients in the following order: the beef, 2 salami slices, 1 bread slice, 1 sauce, 2 ham slices, 1 bread slice and then 5 cheese slices. Repeat the process to the other francesinha.

Sixth Step: Put in the oven, on 200ยบ degrees for 5 min. When the cheese melts down, add the sauce. Serve it with french fries.

And that`s it! It`s pretty easy and simple to do. And it`s sooo gooood!
I`m sorry for my English. I did my best. If you have any doubt, just talk to me. :)

Love to you all! Take care, beauties!

Disclaimer: I don`t own the photo.

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