NFC Wii confirmed in U that is dedicated to hardcore gamers

The revelation of the presence of Near loyal Communication was made during the presentation of the Legends of Rayman trailer for the new Nintendo console. The president of Nintendo revealed however you want to recapture the most dedicated players.

One of the features that the Wii thanks to NFC U will be the interaction with small dolls that when resting on top of the console, enter directly into the game. It is also possible to use objects like hearts to help game characters to complete their tasks with fewer difficulties. The betting action figures will bring another type of market the Nintendo console, because during the video demonstration, was the idea that you can play with Ezio Auditore, Assassin`s Creed franchise, the game of Rayman.

Although this news more `child`, Satoru Iwata, Nintendo president revealed that the company`s strategy is now to conquer the hardcore gamers and then the general public. During a conversation with investors, Iwata admitted that Nintendo Wii was a hit with users, but users who have little contact with the consoles. And that made the most dedicated players think that the Wii console was not your style. Sell many consoles is good for casual gamers at first, but over time these players do not bring profits, but hardcore as they continue to want to improve the gaming experience and experiment with new titles. The company nipónica changes as business strategy, but do not want to relinquish any of the two types of players.

Supporting statements by the president of Nintendo are some rumors that have emerged and that reflect the launch of the new Black Ops Call of Duty II for Wii U. Mark Lamia, Treyarch studio head, responsible for the new CoD, in conversation with a Norwegian site left the air the possibility of the shooter to get the Nintendo console. The Black Ops II has a release date for the day November 13, 2012 and now is the video presentation of the new game:

The game shows a more futuristic war where machines and robots are the main fighters. The story seems to be based on a kind of terrorist attack by someone who stole the keys to access the machines of war. The player must then save the world from a crisis over weapons.

It is expected that during E3 2012, which will run between 5 and June 7, users will have more news about the Nintendo Wii and the new U Call of Duty.

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