Next Trend: Digital Board Games?

<em>Technology nowadays seems so advanced that now everything is like touch screen or involves technology! What about our board games? Does anyone still play with board games or do you just play on the computer, your iPad, iPhone, phone, whatever?</em>

A company called <strong>ePawn</strong> is developing digital board game table tops! It looks like a touch screen but it`s not.. it`s a 26" screen that interfaces with smartphones, tablets, PCS and allows you to play your game bigger but with interacting game pieces.

For example:
If you`re playing chess, you`ll have the chess pieces.
If you`re playing air hockey, you have the piece for that.

This is like a new gaming experience by allowing you to interact with the game and have fun! As cool as it sounds the price tag isn`t so cool. The target price for this board game is about $400 and is going to come out later this year. For $400 you mind as well get an iPad or a gaming system. This doesn`t seem very worth it and I`m not sure if the chess, all the accessories come with the game board too and what games would be compatible? A lot of questions but I`m sure that will be answered when they`re almost done with production.

<strong>What do you think of the future world of board games?</strong> Seems a lot fun but for the price I don`t think it`s worth it. I rather settle with regular board games at least it`d be way cheaper.

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