Next Phone Trend Cases: Skate Decks!

<em>The most trendy phone cases lately for the Apple iPhone would have to be like hello kitty and the rabbit with a fuzzy bum but those cases are more geared toward girls.. what about cases for guys? What cases would you be interested in if you`re a guy? What about this case?!</em>

This case is a <strong>Skate Deck Cover</strong> that has wheels! If you`re bored you can take out your phone and pretend to skate with your fingers like those tech deck skates that guys used to play with back in middle school/high school. [I had one of those as well as the bmx bike mini ones too, haha] This case doubles as a stand too! It makes you look hard core as if your skate board broke in half, haha. A huge down side to this case is how will it fit in your pocket? The wheels don`t look very pocket friendly.

The case isn`t cheap either. It`s about $40 each plus $5 shipping available in four different colors (brown, black, red, and or blue)

<strong>What do you think of this case? Is this a case you would buy?</strong> I don`t own an iPhone 4 or 4S but it is pretty cool but not convenient and even if I did have a 4/4S, I wouldn`t get it. I`m more into Hello Kitty then skating. :)

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