Next on my List - Christian Louboutin Lady Lynch 120mm

So glad you all are loving my Louboutin posts! Thank you for the support!

So I haven`t yet talked about pairs that are on my wish list but this is a style I have been debating for a little while now. I love the way a 120mm heel looks but typically I don`t really go for rounded toes. I think that a pointed or almond toe just looks more chic and sexier. This shoe however is a little bit of both. For me, the height of the heel makes the rounded toe less business wardrobe looking which is a definite plus in my book - while a rounded toe shoe is typically a little more comfortable to wear. (I don`t expect these to be ultra comfy since they are almost a 5" heel with no platform but any little bit helps when you get up to this heel height!)

I tried searching for pics of people wearing this shoe but there aren`t that many and from the pics that do pop up its difficult to imagine what they would look like on. (due to angles, finishes, small images, etc.) This makes the decision even more difficult! The style is often sold out so to see it in my size (36.5 - 6.5 (120mm shoes with no platform usually run 1/2 size large)) makes me consider the shoe even more. After all "I can always return it if I don`t like it" - a phrase/frame of mind that often gets me in "trouble" when shopping. lol. (I " " trouble because I don`t actually get in trouble - I buy all my own items, pay my bills first, etc, etc.) I would be lying if I said I wasn`t dying to try the shoe! (And some of you may be thinking - `Why not go try it on at the store` - a lot of times its difficult to find styles (especially classic ones) let alone in your size. I have found that ordering online through the Louboutin website to be much less frustrating.)

Anyway - other than that I find the shoe to be reasonably priced for a Louboutin (not saying thats cheap but its fair in comparison to the brands other styles - I believe $625 is the cheapest shoe they sell. I know some were $595 at one point but I think they have gone up) I think a great classic pump is always an investment and Nude or Black is something you really can`t go wrong with. Additionally the Louboutin patent leather is extremely durable, more so than a lot of other brands I have owned in the past. Patent is not a material I think twice on for Louboutins because I know they will be great and I won`t have to worry about messing them up. (Its just about knowing (if and) when enough is enough with the patent - I swear almost all my heels are patent lol)

Don`t be surprised if you see these in an outfit post sometime in 2013! (I mean unless I try them and hate them lol) It just may not be any time soon because I am trying to slow my roll with the shoe buying (any brand) - Although I just bought a pair today but they were on sale for 40% off (true justification mind set of a shoe addict.)

High demand shoes really get you because they are either a classic that everyone wants and they are hard to get OR they are limited edition so if you don`t get them now you never will. Its truly a vicious cycle. ^_~ The way I see it - I don`t spend a ton of money on clothes (its all Forever21, H&M and Target for me! With the exception of a few staple BCBG MAX AZRIA items that are mostly used for events and work functions, stuff like that) - I don`t have any kids yet - I pay my bills - I`m not in debt - I make sure I save some money - I work hard - so I want to enjoy these things while I can and treat myself to the one thing I splurge on - Accessories! They truly can make or break your outfit and generally are more versatile than spending a ton on say a dress or a top. However my New Years Resolution this year will be to try and be a little more frugal on all things overall so we will see how that goes.

What do you guys think of the round toe?

What pair of Louboutins would you buy if you could buy any pair?

Thanks for reading!

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