Next iPhone to have even thinner screen

4 years ago

Hello luuuxers, so i didn`t post for such along time because of my panic attacks and i`ve missed luuux so much... So on this post i will be talking about the next iphone, the iphone 5 or whatever apple will call it.
So this new iphone will have a thinner screen what is insane, someday we can cut vegetables with the iphone or the ipod touch lol.
This new iphone will have a biger screen what is really nice but the design will be the same as the iphone 4 and the 4s the only thing that changes is that the screen will be biger and thinner nothing else.
Im thinking on geting my iphone 4s on August because it`s my birthday and i don`t really want to wait to october to the new one be released, and it isn`t a big uprage so...yeah.


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What do you think of the bigger and thinner screen?
Would you get the iphone 4s before this one is out? (since it isn`t a big upgrade)

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