Next gen iPhone to be WATERPROOF!

Wouldn`t it be nice to have a waterproof phone? It`s not like we would submerge our phones in the water on purpose but accidents happen so if it does happen our phones will be saved! Well that can be the next new technology advance! Remember a few days ago, I talked about a company named /viz/waterproofing-phones-what-smart-idea? Well the company makes phone devices waterproof by applying a thin film nano coating that is clear and near invisible layer of protection over the vital electronic circuitry and Apple & Samsung are interested in the company, win win situation for them all. All over the web, they are announcing that the next generation Apple iPhone 5 and probably Samsung Galaxy S III will be WATERPROOF! How awesome is that? And to make it more believable there are videos and photos of Apple iPhones being submerged in water and still works [an example being the phone above]. The waterproof phones are rumored to be here in June 2012 but who knows exactly or how much the phones will be though..
If the waterproof phones hit it to the market, will you be getting a waterproof phone? I think that`s a pretty good idea a nice extra feature! Photo via Source Link! Article via apple iphone

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