Newspaper Nails in 10 Steps

Very simple nails that I think could work with most outfits. Great for even amateur artists! :)

1. Get a small amount of very strong alcohol (I used vodka) and put it in a shallow glass or bowl.
2. Prepare your chosen nail polish. It works best with a light or neutral colour.
3. Cut strips of newspaper a little wider and longer than each of your nails.
4. Once painted, let your nails dry for a minimum of 5 minutes.
5. Do one nail at a time, soak the nail in the vodka for 30 secs - 1 minute.
6. Immediately after the vodka, place and hold still a strip of newspaper on the nail (while it is still damp with vodka) and hold for 10 secs.
6. Peel off the newspaper strip slowly and the print should be there. You may need to vary the time depending on your results (longer for a stronger colour and shorter for a lighter colour)
7. Repeat for each of your nails.
8. Once dry, wash off any left over newspaper. It should come off with a small bit of water. (Make sure nails are DRY)
9. Seal with a clear top coat.
10. Clear off any mistakes on your skin with a q-tip soaked in nail polish remover.

Enjoy! Comment with your results :)

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