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5 years ago

Recently I have been very intruiged by the Gyaru fashion, and I have been searching around for quite a bit about it. Usually I don`t fall into cliques or trends, but the Hime Gyaru style has really caught my fancy and I am thinking of either becoming one, or being inspired by it with my fashion, hair/make-up choices.
I have been a follower of Japanese fashion ever since the early 2000`s due to becoming more insanely interested in anime/manga and music so the rest came naturally. But after a few years I went off of it for unknown reasons to myself and became obsessed with South Korea instead in mid 2009. :P

But after looking at this model called Tsubasa Masuwaka (Who I had no clue who she was) a few months back, I found her incredibly beautiful, fashionable and cute. Then after that I started researching more and more about her, then I stumbled across the word `gyaru`. I looked up the words meaning, and it meant `Gal`. At first I was a little confused by the meaning. Gal? So this whole trend is called girl? Original, but strange. But after researching more, I found that there are branches of `Gal`;
`Hime Gyaru` - Meaning Princess Girl
`Ganguro Gal` - Meaning Black Face Girl which requires a dark tan with white and colourful make-up and orange or bleached hair.
`Gyaru-kei` - Which is a modern version that has many sub-categories.
And many more. Now to me, that made more sense. There are other gyaru `stars`, but I haven`t really taken the time to learn their names, but I will in due time.

Now I`m not a girly-girl, I think that I don`t suit girly clothes and I`m not much of a girl anyway. But this style just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and now I reeeeeally wanna try it out! It may also kick me into shape too, because it`s not just a trend, it`s a lifestyle. I`ve seen pictures of many gyaru`s and they`re all skinny. I`ve been battling with weight ever since puberty, and it never seems to go away, but I`m going to try one more time, then afterwards, if it doesn`t work, I may just consider liposuction.

I started to look for British Gyaru`s, because I had seen so many Americans that it was getting uninteresting. I thought to myself that it may not have come to this country like so many other great things, but I found a blog! One`s called the Uk Gyaru Guide, Lizzie, Galaxy Girl and Latte Bunny.

The Hime Gyaru look is that of a princess, with pastel colours, florals, lace and natural beauty and BIIIG hair and nails. :P The look is that of someone who is well off. It`s supposed to look outrageous yet tasteful and classy, with brands out there in Japan that cater to the look like Jesus Diamante and Liz Lisa (Love those clothes), and magazines like EGG, PopTeen and Ageha. I`ll post up some pictures for you all to see.

My explanations are bad, even in real life I suck at giving explanations. But yeah, I want to try this style out, and see if it`s me because not many things suit me.

What are you opinions on this look?

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