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Its been awhile since I last posted, so I thought I would talk about my 2 newest makeup storage additions! They are absolutely amazing and so accessible. The first one my mom actually bought me at TjMaxx, she gave me it and said it was a jewelry holder and I loved it! When I got home I was thinking maybe it would get better use being for something else. So then it hit me "why dont I try it for my makeup!" Lately I have had this thing where I am trying to collect past limited edition Mac items since I missed out on literally all of the coolest LE lines! And I have an obsession with all the LE items I have so far and wish I could store them in a safe(lol jk) so I wanted something neat and protective i could store them in. SO I thought this jewelry organizer would be perfect (which is $7.99 @ TJMaxx!) As you can see I have all my LE mac stored in it & my lipsticks so far and the best part is it is double sided and comes with a hook that pivots to each side while hanging! I highly reccommend getting this if you love your makeup as much as I do and want a cool way to store it!

I also was at Walmart the other day and I happened to walk through the school supplies section when I came across some storage bins that I assume are meant for pencils, pens, etc. But I happened to see one that caught my eye. It wasn`t like the typical storage container that has 3 pull out drawers what was different is it had the 2 pull out drawers and then the top part lifts up to reveal a compartment and also on top behind the compartment door is 2 slots which I put my favorite perfume and some extra brushes in the slots. In the top compartment I have my baremineral quads and palettes and then my bare mineral eye primers. Then in the first drawer I put my daily use makeup like the main makeup I use every single day such as mascara, eyeliner, eye primer etc. Then in the last drawer I put all my bareminerals pigment eyeshadows & maybelline color tattoo eyeshadows! I really recommend getting one of these too because its so functional and amazingly easy to access and use to store anything! And the best part it was..... $4.97!!

Overall, these are 2 more awesome storage additions! If you look in my other posts you can see the others i use :)! & I am ordering an acrylic lipstick holder tonight which I am so excited about because I have been wanting one so badly! I think I need to admit I have a makeup addiction...but I`m sure I`m not the only one ;)

p.s YES that is a taped on Mac bag you see at the top of the hanging organizer lol! I thought it looked cute and until I find a better way to hang it there it looks like my pink zebra tape will have to do lmao!

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