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2 years ago

Since being able to and having more free time on my hands, I`ve been baking again. I`ve been searching online for recipes to try. I was told by a nurse that she had tried this New York Times Chocolate Chip cookie recipe and that I should give it a try too. So I searched online and found tons of websites listing it. And since I already had most of the ingredients at home I decided to give it a try. The different thing about this recipe is that it requires bread flour and cake flour instead of the regular all purpose flour that most of you are used to baking with. And another thing is that you are supposed to chill the cookie dough for at least 24 hrs but the suggested time is 72 hrs. How many of you can wait for 3 days before you bake your kids and I definitely can`t. So I just made a batch and baked it after the 24hr mark. But I heard that the best taste comes from the 48hr to 72hr mark. So the next batch I will definitely wait for the 72hr mark to see if there is any difference from the 24hr wait. So I followed the directions and made a batch except that I used table salt instead of coarse salt which I forgot I had. But I doubt that made any difference but next time, I`ll remember to use coarse salt. And I also used semi sweet chocolate instead of dark chocolate which the recipe calls for, and of course next batch I`ll definitely use dark chocolate. I think the dark chocolate balances out with how sweet the cookie is cause I do find that the cookie is kinda on the sweet side for me, well at least for what I`m used to cause I normally reduce the sugar amount when I make chocolate chip cookies. But my kids loved it. The cookies had a crispy outer edge and a soft chewy center. I really like the crispy texture. It also had a caramel taste to it too. And the cookie was huge, it was like 5 inches in diameter cause the recipe said to make balls the size of golf balls or 3.5oz in weight and place them on a cookie sheet. If you make them this size you normally would get 1 1/2 dozen cookies but you could also make them smaller if you want. The sad thing is and I think it`s my fault is that the cookies didn`t stay crispy the next day. I didn`t keep them in a airtight container though. But I`ve read reviews saying that the cookies tastes the best on the day they were baked and that they don`t taste as good the next day. I still find them tasting really good the next day just that it losts it`s crispy edge but that might`ve been my fault, so next time I`ll keep them in a zip lock bag and see if it retains it`s texture. But this recipe is definitely a keeper for me. If you want to try to make these cookies, just type in New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookie and you`ll find the recipe. Thanks for reading.


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