New York Luuuxers up for Foodies?

5 years ago

Just throwing it out there. Any of you New York Luuuxers interested in getting together for a Foodies outing?

What is a Foodies outing? People that love FOOD getting together to try new or different restaurants. Each person will cover their own share of the bill. Must be at least age of 18.

I was thinking the week of Spring Break Feb 20-24th. If I can at least get six people than I would plan this. Each person would suggest two cuisines, with the most popular cuisine getting chosen. From there I would choose a restaurant of that cuisine and offer two different dates and find a consensus among those interested.

Because of my experience in past Luuux Meetups where people cancel in the last minute, once a date is determined and you say you`re going. I would ask for a $2 deposit via paypal. When you show up for the event the $2 would be refunded. I think that`s only fair. =)

So any of you New York Luuuxers interested in enjoying good food together?

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