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4 years ago

this little "article" is going to be about most peoples dream...New York City! so, recently I have been to the world famous New York! this is going to be about my thoughts and opinions....and there are going to be a few handy tips and tricks for places to go to!
I believe that New York is a dream for a shopaholic! Times Square is a perfect place to go to first!! it has every kind of shop there and it has a buzzing atmosphere that nobody would ever forget!! if you`re not fond of the city life then I would recommend going to central park....there are some stunning views that you would love!

I would like to recommend a few places if you are thinking of going...
1.fluffy`s café:
I absolutely love this café`s just the! it is one of the best cafes I have ever been to! if you like your Italian flavours I would highly recommend their mozzarella and pesto Panini! they serve it with a delicious liked it so much I even tried to make it at home (It didn`t go to well!)
2. Sephora:
if you are a big beauty freak like me then I assure you Sephora will be your heaven to be!!! they have all of the brands that every girl loves! I definitely recommend their favourite is apricot sheen!
3. Bath & Body Works:
this shop was definitely one of my all time favourites! if I were you, the first stand I would go to is of course going to be their Pocketbac stand! I love their Pocketbac`s, they have amazing scents especially if you going in autumn (fall)!! one mistake I made is that I didn`t even have a look at their candles! when I came back, everyone was raving about them. you`re in luck if they have their 2 for $20 on 3 wick candles sale on!! the people there are great too!
4. Macy`s:
this shop is not only an amazing shop but the worlds largest too! I personally didn`t find anything in there but I assure you that will not be the case for you!!
5. Forever 21:
I LOVE this shop!!! and I think many people would agree! it has all of the latest styles and fashion trends.....and all for a affordable price! if you do go there I would go to the sale rack first to check if you can find any gobsmacking offers!
6. Walgreens:
Walgreens have everything from a simple bag of crisps to the best glow in the dark nail polish ever! this shop was another favourite of mine! I want to give you guys a handy little tip...if you want to but something like an eos lip balm I would definitely wait for my final shop...
last but definitely NOT the least it`s my favourite!! I loved this shop so much, it had amazing beauty products for a wonderful price!! even if your not into beauty it has something for everyone!!

I hoped you enjoyed this little shopping/travel guide!!
Comment down below telling me what your favourite shop is!!

P.S. if you were looking for a place to get free Wi-Fi.....go to Starbucks!! ;)
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