New York Beef Classic amp American Fries

4 years ago

I gave in.. and got dinner at Mc Donald`s today! But we didn`t really have anything for dinner at home and I was out shopping with my mom so we decided it would be the easiest to get some dinner there.

They are heaving a special menu again which is called "America`s Biggest Macs" and it`s supposed to be like those supersized burgers in the States. But honestly I didn`t see a big difference in the size, it was actually like the size of a regular Big Mac.

I ordered the New York Beef Classic with a side of American Fries. The burger had 2 beef patties, cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato, pickles, red onions, mustard and mayo sauce on a wheat bun sprinkled with sesam. The fries were similar to potato wedges and came with a salsa dip. I fell kinda bad after finishing this menu but it was definitely delicious.

Also if you purchase a regular Mc Menu now you will get a free Coca Cola glass of your choice. Now they have a Olympic themned design. The designs in the past have been better in my opnion but can`t say no to a freebie.

<strong>Do you like to eat at Mc Donald`s?
Or do you try to avoid eating there?</strong>

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