New year resolutions for weight loss

4 years ago

New Year Resolutions for Weight Loss

The 2012 New Year is close at hand. With the coming of New Year holiday. When you enjoy the happiness and delicious food, at the same time, there is also another resolution comes about This is a necessary point that needs to be discussed. Lets get to know the New Year resolutions for weight loss.

1. be realistic with yourself

Many people who set weight loss resolutions are unrealistic with their goals which are why majority never follow all the way through with them. When creating a resolution, determine what you can and cannot do. You make these determinations based on your current diet and exercise regime.

If you are sedentary and never eat healthy, it may be the wiser choice to lose weight over a longer period of time. On the other hand, if you are somewhat physically active and eat healthy here and there, then you should be capable to melt those unwanted pounds in a shorter period of time. It all boils down to what you can handle. Dont tackle goals you know you cannot handle.

2. Make exercise fun, not boring

When you make exercise enjoyable, its like youre not exercising at all. Ways to make exercise fun can include listening to music, making each workout different, or tagging along a workout buddy for motivation. Exercise undeniably will still be arduous work, but by making it dynamic and interesting, you will adhere to your fitness goals.

3. Drink more water even if you hate it

To sustain life on earth, you need water. Theres no debating that. Water is crucial when it comes to losing weight especially when the water is ice cold. Drinking more water will allow your body to release excess water weight which will result in a As strange as that sounds, its true. If you dont consume enough water, your body will act as a sponge trying to hold in as much water as possible to sustain living. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water in addition to the other beverages you consume in a day. Its only for your benefit.

Your clothes will be the best indicator of weight loss. If you begin to feel a snug in your clothes, odds are that you lost weight. If you cant wear your pants because they keep falling off, wellyou know major weight was lost. Understand that the number on the scale does not matter. 200 pounds for one person whose 61 is often times different for another person with the same weight and height for a variety of reasons.

4. Dont starve yourself

When you become hungry, eat an apple or anything, at best. Starving yourself will only open a pandoras box. How? Your body will go into starvation mode or you may abruptly binge on the wrong foods in an attempt to curb the relentless hunger.

Stay Confident

Ever heard of the cliché Believe in you? Thats what you need to do. Tell yourself that the weight is going to come off and dont doubt it for a second. Doubting yourself wont help you anyway because by doing that, time is spent contemplating failure. Contemplate success instead. Remain certain that you will stick to your diet and exercise plan and favorable results will ensue.

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