New Xbox 360! 250 GB

5 years ago

Hey everyone!
A few days ago our xbox broke, something was wrong with the disk drive and it kept getting the red rings on it. My dad tried to take it to his friend o get it fixed, but he couldn`t fix it so we just got a new one. We had our last xbox 360 for about 6 years, so it lasted a while.

There were actually a lot of perks that came with this xbox! It came with 2 free video games, Fable 3 and Halo Reach. My brother already has these though, so we`re probably just going to trade them in at gamestop. Also, we don`t need a power cord anymore to turn the Kinect on. This xbox is also wireless, and our last one wasn`t so we needed a wire to be brought from our entertainment center to the internet motem.

This new xbox has really cleaned up some of the wires around our entertainment center and house, so that made my mom happy! This new Xbox also has A TON of memory space, 250 GB! Our last one only had 120 GB.

Overall I think this was a good purchase since our last xbox broke anyway :P

Do you have an Xbox?

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