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4 years ago

So its that time when I have to change my wallet...well it isn`t really a wallet, its more of a wrislet to be exact?
So my previous wrislet/wallet, the brown Coach one, I`ve had for 5 years now, it has served me well but recently in the last year, its just gotten too small for all the things I have to hold. I got that for $45 CDN at the Coach outlet and I definitely think it was worth it since its been with me for so long. So for my second wallet/wrislet, I decided to stick with another Coach one as well and there is actually reasons behind it!
So I`m not sure if any of you know but Coach is made with treated cloth so that it doesn`t get dirty quickly or stain. Now with my older wrislet, I had dropped it in a puddle one day because I wasn`t careful and then decided to dry it off on my jeans (smart I know eh?) and what ended up happening was the color on my jeans transferred onto the wrislet, so one side of my wristlet was blue. I was like are you serious, what was I thinking? But in a week, it went back to normal, and you can even see in the pictures, you wouldn`t even know it was dyed blue from my jeans. Now the pictures showing my older wristlet, you can even see the wear that has accumulated on it, the strands are slowly unwinding and everything. It`s been through a lot haha!
So the new wristlet that I`m using now was originally my sister`s but she no longer uses it and its in such good condition so I made it my new wallet! We got this about a year and a half ago at the Coach outlet as well and it was $69 CDN I believe. Compared to my older wristlet, this black one is bigger now only in size but also in the capacity because it just holds so much more for me! Ever since I got a new smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S), my phone doesn`t fit into my older wristlet but now I have no problems storing everything in my wristlet! I still have to get use to it because it is so much bigger but now I don`t have to worry about wearing pants/shorts with pockets because my wristlet can hold everything! Now a small dislike I have for this wristlet is the fact that it doesn`t have a zipper closure but instead a button thingy (I dunno what its called LOL), I`m a tad bit scared that I will mistakenly open my wristlet but nothing bad has happened yet so its all good!
What do you think about my new wristlet/wallet? Do you use a wristlet as a wallet?

*Pictures are mines!

Thanks for reading :)

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