New Update idea Luuux Change(To be Better)Agreed vote an say yes)

What would make Luuux totally fun site that would draw attention to this site.That would keep you wanna to come back.Some day i come on here an write then i get off.Add some little games that would let us earn point for playing.Make Fashion match games ,Food games , Beauty games to design a paint ,or design of a contest.It would really make it fun. Also i thank Luuux should keep the Amazon card for those who want Amazon cards.`Plus `there should be new Luuux Vouchers gift` for amazon. Cute heel,games,dress,clothes,makeup,and other item from Amazon that last then $50.00.There could be guy`s on here,in you know they don;t wanna have make up brush or were a bag on there arm.Making this site great for Female and male,would be great..

It would be cool to have different gift for a change.
If you agree with me.
Say yes at the bottom,when you comment.If not don`t say nothing.

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