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5 years ago

So I`ve been wanting a trench coat for some time and as you all know I buy pretty much 50% of my things from ebay so yes, this is also an ebay buy. I got it for about $19 which I think is very nice for a good trench coat.

I just got it today and am very pleased. The material is pretty good and not too heavy. I didn`t want it to be too heavy since I live in Irvine and while it rains, it never really is all that cold (not to be since I`m from San Francisco). The length is pretty good too because it stops mid-thigh for me. I am usually worried about the length of trench coats because I`m afraid that they`ll be too long. I`m pretty tall so it wouldn`t be a big deal but it just wouldn`t be all that flattering on my body if it was too long. But this trench coat is a good length so I`m happy. I really like the beige color too. I was just looking for a neutral color because I don`t want anything too bright (at least when it comes to outerwear even though I love bright colored shorts). The button detailing is great and when I cinch the coat with a belt it looks fabulous.

A plus is there`s a bow in the back! ^^ And if you have read my other posts you know that I absolutely love bows. I have a bit of an obsession with them. Haha. The pockets are pretty well sized too and I love my pockets. Inside has a nice plaid design as well though that doesn`t mean much of anything considering how no one would see it. LOL

This trench coat also comes along with a polka dot scarf. The scarf is not much. The material is meh but it`s not really meant to be a scarf scarf but rather an accessory. It goes along well with the trench coat if you just let it hang from your neck. It gives a little more texture than just the beige of the outfit so together the trench coat and scarf go well. I can also think of a couple other outfits I could use this scarf so it`s pretty nice.

I can`t wait to wear this trench coat though I can tell I`m going to have to wait a while because it`s been hot lately and I don`t think I`m going to get gloomy weather in a while. T.T

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