New Toyota Prius Hybrid

5 years ago

Does anyone else have or want one of these? For me they are so cool, who needs a muscle car? :P

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about helping my dad find a new car to purchase. Funnily enough he has yet to purchase a new car, but I ended up getting a new car of my own.

I had been planning on getting a new car next year, but it just happened that I got into a small accident and rather than waiting for my car to get fixed I traded it in an got myself a Certified 2009 Toyota Prius for a great price.

I was envious of hybrid/electric car owners for quite awhile as I had been driving a SUV for several years that got 20 mpg if I was lucky. I wasn`t aware that it was possible to get a good used hybrid for under $20,000, but after doing a little research I found several and ended up purchasing one of them!

The cool thing about the Prius is that it has a real time MPG display so I can drive as optimally as possible to get the highest MPG and it has changed the way that I drive completely.

It has really opened up my eyes on how I and most people seem to drive. Most people tend to accelerate as quickly as possible just so that they can stop and wait when they get behind a slower person or stopped at a stop light, and this is a completely unnecessary waste of gasoline.

Now when I drive I use the cruise control a lot and coast on surface streets when I can. I am getting 50 MPG with the Prius and estimate that I will be saving $2000+ dollars in gasoline a year!

One thing that I found odd while I was researching vehicles is that the Prius is pretty much the only "true" hybrid vehicle of it`s kind. There are the Honda Civic Hybrid and Nissan Altima Hybrid, but those cars get almost the same MPG as their original counterparts. So if you are looking into purchasing a hybrid you should make sure you are getting the real deal or just buy the standard car model and save yourself $5,000.

As far as the Prius goes though, I don`t have a single bad thing to say about the car and definitely give it a thumbs up to anyone interested in saving money and staying "green." Whether you want one or not though, you should re-evaluate the way you drive as you can save a good amount of gas by making a few simple adjustments to your daily commute.

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