New Towels for the New Bathroom

4 years ago

When it comes to the Queen of Cheap look no further HERE I AM!

I recently decided to re-do my bathroom in doing so I bought a lot of new things one being towels but I hate the thought of over paying for anything!

My favorite place to shop might you ask? NO NOT THE THRIFT STORE but KOHLS Surprise Surprise.

Kohls offer these wonderful coupons called Kohls cash I purchase them off eBay generally 20 $5 coupons for $7 so I get $100 in savings for $7 I`m still saving $93 or more based on sale prices with these awesome huh!

So I decided to go with the Kohls big one towels these were originally $9.99 on sale for $4.99 after each coupon free! So I saved boo-coo bucks! The colors I chose were a purple color (which ended up not matching my bathroom) and a cream color. For the price I can`t kick I keep the purple under my sink so even though they dont match they really arent seen.

I was surprised by the quality no they arent top of the line towels but you get what you pay for and I pretty much payed nothing besides the cost of coupons so quality is exceptional for $7 LOL!

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