New Tomb Raider isn`t like Uncharted

The Crystal Dynamics recognizes that, of course, there will be comparisons between the new Tomb Raider and Uncharted series, but argues that games are different.

"Well, of course, games are action / adventure, so there will be some comparison. I think we can not escape it. And there are certain things in Uncharted series that are borrowed from the old Tomb Raider. Therefore, there will be comparisons. That said, I think when the game show as a whole - when players from beginning to end - we believe there are many differences between the two, "said Darrell Gallagher, head of the studio for an interview.

To distinguish the two games, Gallagher gives examples of how the structure of the game, its more spacious areas, the system on the island of skills and ability to hunt. These differences "should distinguish the two products when they have the whole experience."

Tomb Raider will be released in March 2013. Until then, comparisons between the two games are inevitable.

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