New supersonic aircraft wants to fly up to Mach 3

The aviation world has suffered a major blow in 2003 when he saw a Concorde exploding. Almost 10 years later there is still no plane that connects London to New York in under four hours.

I mean, there is, but it only takes two people and some missiles but something is coming later this year.

After in 2003 the British airlines (British Airways) and France (Air France) have decided to end flights by supersonic aviation world never saw another commercial flight can exceed the speed of sound. To be honest, I do not know what happened after the 60 and 70 in relation to aviation and space technology.

We took the man to the Moon with a spacecraft (Apollo 11) that had less computing power than a smartphone. We created two supersonic aircraft (Concorde and TU-144) that served thousands of passengers and reduced by more than 50% travel time. But now, after 2000, never seen like these made so memorable. Go, we created the A-380, capable of carrying 830 passengers

But maybe we are wrong. Just because there is not, does not mean that people are not working on a solution, and according to the latest rumor is that a plane will not fly at Mach 2 (~ 2.200km / h) but the Mach 3 (3.700km / h) which means: three times the speed of sound!

The code name of the new supersonic jet is X-54 and the objective of the engineers who are working on it (NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Gulfstream) is to reach 4,000 km / h, ie, London - Sydney in four hours in instead of the usual painful and 20 hours. Woooooh

The new materials, design techniques and aviation fuel will help achieve this objective and also help reduce the noise the plane makes when it breaks the sound barrier.

The X-54 will be unveiled in full during the next air show in Farnborough, England, but early versions will have a very limited number of seats (about 12), intended only for top executives and should only begin to fly in 2020.

Until then, military aviation also has to start working on their fighters because otherwise they will not get away with this "Speedy Gonzales" of the air

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